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Compare stocks

September 12, 2013

Inferences from graphical data often lead to a better understanding. When you look at the historical stock prices of a company, you often get lost in the hundreds of rows of data. Like I said, we use the power of computation to plot the imported data and the plots could be used for further discussions.

When you try observing the graphs of 2 different companies, sometimes you might not get a clear inference. But you know there’ll be combinations that might lead to a directly/inversely proportional relation. Those are the set of companies you’re looking for. But I’d not waste time making changes in my code each and every time I wish to change the set of companies. I’d prefer a Graphical user interface, that allows me to simply click and choose companies, dates and even extend the problem to compare a set of companies with the stock market index.

I have previously blogged about Qt, PyQt and its installation in order to create GUIs for your code. So I tried designing the basic look of the interface. Adding a couple of Combo boxes and Labels, accepting user inputs from them. I have only started the project and don’t wish to ruin my Mid-term exams. Here’s a look at the GUI I made. On the right will be displayed a couple of computed plots to demonstrate the comparisons.

Basic GUI

Find the code here in my Computational-Finance repository. Need to get back to the main business, linking the on-click functions to the previously coded functions. Its study time! Good bye!

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    yo!!! Naru!!!

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