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2-D Transient Heat Conduction – Part 4

December 5, 2013

This is the final part of this problem. Previous posts can be found here.

This very post mainly focuses on the validation of this problem, whether we can be sure that the computation was mathematically correct. We compare our results with results obtained by solving the same problem in ANSYS FLUENT. I will demonstrate results of two sets of boundary conditions:

  1. Tab = 200 , Tbc = 400 , Tcd = 200 , Tda = 200.
  2. Ta = 200 , Tb = 300 , Tc = 300 , Td = 200 (edges supposed to have linear temperature distribution).

1. We solved this problem with initial internal nodal temperature of 200. The CUDA code returned temperature values, and the image below shows its contour plot.


The temperature contour obtained from ANSYS FLUENT is shown below.


As we see, the FLUENT plot includes more number of color shades in the contour. We therefore compare the center line temperatures of both these contours, and obtain the following curve.


2. For the second set of boundary conditions, we plot the same data and in a similar fashion, we obtain the below shown results.




The code computes results correctly, we can conclude.


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