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Research Work Begins!

May 23, 2014

Blogging after a lot of time guys!

I’ve been here in the United States for a fortnight now, working on a research project at the Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Computing. Ever wondered how a Mechanical Engineering undergrad could work in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building? Computational Fluid Dynamics, and a little enthusiasm in computing, programming, etc, etc.


The Klaus Advanced Computing Building

Its an amazing architectural creation, funded majorly by Christopher Klaus, an alumni of the Georgia Tech. This building has a cross-over bridge, called the Binary Bridge, because it has the words “Thank you Klaus” printed on it (in the binary language of course :D).


The Binary Bridge, Klaus Advanced Computing Building


“Thank you Klaus” in binary

I am currently working under professor Edmond Chow and yes it has been an awesome experience. I never imagined myself developing interest in research work, but I really enjoy the 8-10 hours I spend everyday in our lab. There are other students from India as well, working under other faculty and on various topics from High Performance Computing to Machine Learning to Bioinformatics.

What project am I currently working on? Its basically particle simulation methods. I have ‘n’ particles within a boundary (think of it as a large number of molecules inside a cell membrane). They interact with each other, move within the boundary, exert force on other particles, experience forces from other particles, etc. How does this movement exactly look like! And what are the laws that govern their interaction and movement! We are currently working in an area where Brownian Dynamics largely governs the particle behavior. It takes in to account force interactions between each particle pair, and also a Brownian motion for each of the particles in consideration. You could go through the introduction given here for related fundamentals.

Atlanta is a really nice place to live in. It isn’t noisy, there’s hardly any traffic on roads, the natives are quite helpful and of course, there’s every popular junk food outlet for foodies like me.

There’ll definitely be further updates on the project and of course, the USA!

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