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Hi, I am Rohit Narurkar, currently a 4th year undergraduate student in the Mechanical Engineering department at IIT Kharagpur.

I was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Mathematics and numbers excite me; I like playing around with computers; I am an electronic gadget freak and enjoy computer programming.

I am a huge huge music lover and I am a musician myself. I play flute, guitar and try singing sometimes. People say I talk a lot, some others say I am such an introvert, basically, I TALK WHEN IT MATTERS! I am kinda funny, always entertaining people with a dose of MY jokes. I usually poke into discussions that do not even concern me. I support Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and THE Arsenal Philosophy. Gooner 4 Life!

Why ‘The Elancer’ ?
Because I googled it and found out that it means ‘someone who likes sharing knowledge on the internet’

Why have I started blogging suddenly when I am 21 and old?
Because I can! and I will! And nobody can stop me!

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